Contrary to what you used to do, you’re climbing up instead of falling down, through cycles of life and death when sin was all you had. I’m in a dream space and it’s these days that cover my ways from top to finish, from dirt to spiritual cleanliness.

It’s soul and spirit from your waking life into your daily business. It’s friendliness, that takes you from your mind into that space we call love, it’s intricate, we were meant for it. This bliss is a hit and no miss, like a kiss of pure energy and the vortex in which it is. Circulate. Bottom down and back up again .

Like clouds you step on, my feet vibrate, my eyes are on quarter pas late and it ain’t faith, it’s just an open gate through the spine jumping through my head.

On the road

Green and grey fill my eyes, while the cars flow like water and the asphalt smokes. The lights fade into the background, the car gently floats over the road.

The airconditioner blows hot and cold, my heart is freezing and melting. My lungs are filled with dust and stones. There is a flame that burns inside of me, scorching every impurity.

Drops of time

Points in time bring realizations connected through infinite nodes and infinite stream of light. Showers of gold pour down upon us and bless us with their energy.

Time slips like sand through hands filled with greed. My pain was always there but that’s an illusion too. I break through the doors of consciousness and I slip comfortably into another dimension.


Through creating we can transmute our ideas, our energy into something higher, given that we create in a way that is centered on the heart and connects to universal wisdom.

Through these words and things we can create flow and break down inner and outer blocks of energy. True success comes from within, whatever success may be.

My third eye brings me unprecedented vision into an illusionary world, a world that seems so real.